This two-hour Bites and Sites tour is the perfect way to discover neighborhood's blend of cultural diversity, rich history, and great, affordable food. Though you main gain a little bit of weight, you will gain a LOT of knowledge and unforgettable stories. 

The tour is designed so that you choose what (if anything) you want to eat at each of the stops. 


Yonah Schimmel Knishery – Eat what my ancestors (and maybe yours) ate back in the old world! Handmade potato knish for $3.75 (other flavors too!) Big enough to share, too yummy you may not want to!

Prosperity Dumpling– Hands down the best pork fried dumplings you have ever eaten. Four big ones for $1.25. Other non-pork and vegetarian items just as delicious and cheap).

Doughnut PlantРSplurge for the to-die-for Cr̬me Brulee doughnut for $3.50 or stick with tried and an incredible glazed doughnut for $3

Kossars Bialys– a warm bialy for .90 cents from the oldest bialy bakery in the United States. And yes, I will tell you what a bialy is…. once we get there. 

The Pickle Guys - .75 cents for a pickle that has been sitting in a barrel for weeks, pickling, and waiting just for you!

THE SITES:  As we walk off the bites, these are the SITES you'll learn:

What was Lady Gaga doing in a 130 year old synagogue?  

Who painted those gorgeous murals on cargo containers on 1st Street

How the ABC-NO-RIO political collective got its nonsensical name?

What is Matzoh...and if you know, where is the Streit's Matzoh Factory?

How did Vladimir Lenin's statue end up on a rooftop on Houston Street?

Why has Orchard Street been closed as a pedestrian mall every Sunday for over a hundred years, but no pedestrians show up?

Come find out answers to these questions and many more!