"Courtney, was one of the best guides we have ever had on a walking tour.  Keep up the good work!" -- Melvin P.

“Awesome!  Courtney was a wonderful tour guide!  So glad ya’ll do these tours….nice and affordable and very enjoyable!  Can’t wait to come to NYC again!” -- Sheri M.

“We both really enjoyed this tour and thought Courtney was an excellent guide and very passionate about Brooklyn and will be recommending this to friends.” -- Alan M.

“Courtney was able to engage with everyone on the tour, from the old couple to the young teenage boy who didn't really want to be there. All the food places were great, traditional, yummy, and reasonably priced. I was very happy to find vegetarian options available. Great food, interesting history + an amazing tour guide = best tour I've taken in New York” -- Haya A.

"We did the Lower East Side Food Tour and the Brooklyn Heights Sunset tour. Both were excellent!  Courtney was knowledgeable and entertaining., a rare combination in my experience.  Several of us in my group are current or displaced native New Yorkers (and Brooklynites), and we learned quite a bit that we didn't know.  We were extremely impressed with Courtney. Thanks for two great tours!" -- Eliot O.

“We did the Brooklyn Heights tour with Courtney because it had been recommended to us by friends as had Courtney.  We were really impressed and both agree it was the highlight of our trip to NYC!  We are also converted to being Brooklyn fans and will no doubt stay there next time we come!  Courtney was so friendly, informative and fun we really enjoyed the tour!” -- Allie and Luis

“Courtney is a FANTASTIC Guide, one of the very best we have been on a tour with! Her knowledge of the area and her pleasant demeanor made for a incredibly enjoyable day.  We were both born and raised in New Jersey and we do get into the city as much as we can.  However, the Lower East Side was never really part of our itinerary and taking part on this tour has opened our eyes to a whole new area of NYC!”  -- DJ Rogers 

"My husband and I both took two tours that day.  The first one was the lower east side food tour.  After leaving that one we walked across the Brooklyn bridge to go to the Brooklyn Heights tour.  Both were great!  Courtney was our guide for both and she did an excellent job on both." -- Cricket

“Brooklyn heights tour with Courtney-she was fantastic!! A great mix of polite, informative and cheeky. She was so kind ad didn't talk too much for too long and left time for people's questions. The lower east side food tour: I knew Courtney was taking this tour do I wanted to attend. She was fantastic! So professional yet caring.” - Bec K.

“Courtney is a very knowledgeable guide, I we learnt a lot not only about food but also about history, culture and traditions of different communities once leaving in Lower East Side.  She also has a healthy sense of humor which everyone appreciates.”  -- Bronislava B.
"Courtney was awesome.  We had a wonderful time and we have already begun to tell our friends about your tours.  We saw so much, learned so much and tasted so much...simply terrific."  -- Lois and Jay

“I am a native New Yorker!  I feel if I learn something about my city the afternoon is a success.  Courtney took us to places in the East Village I had never been to; we tried (and shared) different foods; saw and heard about historic and interesting places; and she told us about her own experiences in the neighborhood.  All told, the tour and the guide were wonderful!”  -- Vera
“Thought the tour was brilliant, really enjoyed it! The expertise of the tour guide definitely made it.” -- Aisling B

“We went to Brooklyn Heights Sunset 5pm tour, and we have a great time!! The tour was excellent, and the guide too.” -- Cecilia and Ignacio

“The tour was excellent. The guide, Courtney, was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I really enjoyed it.” -- Jane P

“Courtney Shapiro, our tour guide was excellent.  The length of the tour was appropriate and the places we visited were clean and offered a great variety of food at an affordable price.   We brought along five young boys who all loved the food and sights and remained engaged the entire time.  Courtney was very patient and was skilled at maneuvering a large group through the busy streets.  I would highly recommend her to anyone planning a trip through ChinaTown.” -- Diana G

“Thank you, the tour was excellent! Kourtney, our guide was very informative.” --Jasmina D

“We enjoyed our walking tour of Greenwich with Courtney, who managed a large group with a couple of challenging younger guests well.  Courtney was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the tour and we learned lots about the area.  It was interesting to see the "Friends" TV location, and the food we sampled was very tasty.  Thanks Courtney!” -- Karen and John N.

“Hi - we really enjoyed it. The weather was very cold so circumstances were difficult but Courtney proved to be an excellent and engaging host. She threw in quite a lot of history of Greenwich and the West Village.” --Peter P.

“Courtney was an excellent guide.  Lots of interesting stories at each stop, very enthusiastic, diverse foods, kept everyone's interest.  Appreciate that she e-mailed her contact information in case there was a problem in locating the starting point.” -- Alysia B.

“Courtney was very engaging and knowledgeable about Brooklyn Heights, which is nearby where she lives.  She made sure we were all comfortable, and helpfully offered to take photos and show us how to get to our post-tour destinations.  I'd definitely recommend this tour to anyone. Thanks!” --Ryan B

“Courtney was very knowledgeable about the food establishments we visited including their history,  as well as  history of the whole area. Her enthusiasm  for the Lower Eastside is contagious. She is a wonderful, organized sweet guide.” -- D.J. R

"I participated in the East Village Food Tour last week. It was wonderfully handled. The group kept moving, covered a lot of territory and we enjoyed ourselves.  Well Done! " - Elisabeth Y