A skyscraper grows in Brooklyn! The Brooklyn Skyscraper Historic District

Brooklyn Borough Hall-Court Street-Brooklyn Skyscraper Historic District-Landmark-NYC
We know that "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn", but did you know that skyscrapers did too? The about the Brooklyn Skyscraper District?

At the turn of the 20th century, in the Brooklyn Heights vicinity, the first Brooklyn skyscraper, the magnificent Temple Bar Building went up. Within a few decades, two dozen more popped up. In 2011, the city officially
recognized these buildings as historic landmarks despite fierce opposition from real estate developers.

75 Livingston Street-Brooklyn Skyscraper Historic District-NYCTo find out more about these big beautiful buildings, check out my article just posted on UNTAPPED CITIES, a fabulous website.

And if you want to see these splendid buildings, as well as visit the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, join me and the New York Adventure Club on April 12th at 1 pm for a Brooklyn Heights 2 hour, $13 walking tour. 
Check out the article on UNTAPPED CITIES for details to sign up.

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