Got a spare $120,000,000? This apartment could be yours!

Looking down on you: Some lucky millionaire could be about to purchase this three storey New York penthouse for $120million. The house would break records in New York if it reached a price that highWord on the street is that the most expensive abode in the entire USA is here in New York City and is just about to hit the market at a mere asking price of $120 million. The three-story, 12,000 square-foot apartment is atop the luxurious and ideally situated Pierre Hotel.

So what does $120 million get you these days in New York City? Three floors, a ballroom, four terraces, five fireplaces, a marble staircase and plenty of chandeliers. Not to mention the views of Central Park and the surrounding areas!

Luxury: The property is on the top three floors of The Pierre hotel with chandeliers in almost every room Humble abode: Rumors abound that the property is due to go on sale with the record breaking price tag of $120m. Viewers will be greeted by this marble staircase

Wouldn't it be great if-- just like our 'name-your-own-price' tours, we could 'name our own price' dream homes?