On Saturday, February 2nd, Grand Central Station turned 100 years old.  And GCT (the T for terminal, Grand Central's actual status) is more popular than ever.   Not just with commuters, of which 750,000 pass through GCT every day. But with tourists too!  In 2011, Grand Central was ranked 6th on Travel & Leisure magazine's list of the world's most-visited tourist attractions, beating out such places as Disneyland, the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China!

Here are some links to some great (or perhaps I should say grand) articles and blog posts about GCT, its secrets, its history and its future. 
100 facts about Grand Central Terminal

The Bowery Boys fantastic podcast about GCT

And of course, one cannot leave out GCT's very own flash-mob moment - check out the video below.

And here's a brand new flash mob video made by Improv Everywhere. On the evening of Grand Central Terminal’s 100th birthday, 135 Improv Everywhere participants staged a surprise performance in the grand windows on the terminal’s west side. Equipped with a variety of LED flashlights and camera flashes, performers appeared suddenly and unannounced along three floors of windows, creating a shower of light for the commuters and tourists below. See more details about the event at Grand Central Lights