In 1942, Norfolk Street was still dominated by Jewish-owned shops and though many of the original 'settlers' of the Lower East Side had moved up in life and out of the neighborhood, their businesses thrived and stayed put. But 70 years later the landscape had changed dramatically. Yarn shops and gumball machines have been replaced by the imposing BLUE, by Bernard Tschumi. 
1942, picture credited to Charles Weever Cushman          
2010, photo from Dino's NYC Then and Now

Below is the corner of Norfolk and Delancey, looking North, in 1942.  Not only has the landscape changed, but the real estate values are a far cry from the days of tenement life.

The shop on the corner with the red awning - owned by Ratner's, a famous kosher dairy restaurant that closed in 2002) recently sold for $8.8 million dollars. Bye-bye cheese blintzes, hello condos. 

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