Williamsburg - you know the why...now here is the what

I'm no trend-setting hipster, I'm quite happy to reinvent the wheel, so today I'm re-posting what the cooler kids already did- here is Brokelyn's advice for 12 hours in Williamsburg

If 12 hours isn't enough for you, then god help you. Nevertheless, here's some additional info:

Shop 'til you drop or til you find that perfect gold lame halter by checking out Brooklyn Now's shopping hit list.  For vintage, try the Brooklyn Paper's Vintage Crawl.  A foodie's delight: do your research in advance with this compilation of lists at the restaurants of Williamsburg. No trip to B'burg is complete with a drink or four. Let NYMag's list of 50 best bars of B'burg lead the way.

But first things first. How the hell do I get there?  To get to the heart of Williamsburg to take the L Train to Bedford Avenue. If you dare, experience the G Train to Metropolitan Ave. For the walkers and bikers, the bridge is yours to conquer. And in good weather, you can try the East River Ferry that stops in Central North 6th Street or South Williamsburg on South 11th Street. *And never leave your home in NYC without checking the MTA's Service updates. Sometimes the rest of the city decides to isolate the hipsters and give ourselves a break by not running the L at all.  Heh, it could be worse, as it was for these passengers in 1933 on a Williamsburg trolley just after an accident. I think I saw that lady's hat on the rack of Beacons Closet.

And finally, for those of you who care not for the B'burg of today, check out the Town of Williamsburgh of 100 years ago with select pictures from the Municipal Society's NYC Archive. (Thanks for digging through the million photos Gothamist NY).