Fleas, Freebies, Veggies and tipping in New York City

Someone I know wanted info about the above topics. I spent time on it and thought, "Hey, just because it isnt a pretty blog entry, it'll be a USEFUL one". Hope it helps.

  • Vegetarians, don't despair. There are many inexpensive Middle Eastern, Indian and Asian restaurants that have great food.Vegetarian restaurant reviews
  • Free activities, there are tons of them. The NYC official site has a good list and calendar of free events.
  • Museums are free (though they dont advertise it). The Met and the Museum of Natural History say suggested $20 donation. Give $2 and you've done fine.  Many museums have 'free hours'. Look here: Museum FREE days
  • Flea markets (one of my favorite activities) check out my previous post: Flea Markets
  • Tipping: We have to  tip in NYC for everything. It's the culture! In a bar, tip $1 per drink. In a sit-down restaurant where they serve you the food, its 15-20%. * Trick: Double the tax amount written on the bill. This equals18%. In a taxi, a general rule is, if it is $10 or under, tip $2. Between $10-$20, tip $3.
  • And I'll throw in a link to  NYC Survival Basics  which includes as navigating the subway and walking manners, using taxis, etc.