Breakfast at Tiffany's turns 50! Happy Annivesary!

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Anniversary EditionHard to believe that Holly Golightly is turning 50! 
Seems like yesterday she was gazing in the windows of Tiffany's, strolling on Park Avenue, borrowing books from the New York Public Library then heading home on the Upper East Side. 

Though she never visited Brooklyn, she was born there-- in 1958 when author Truman Capote penned the novella from which the movie was born. From 1955- 1965, Capote lived in the basement apartment of 70 Willow Street, a spectacular five-story, Greek Revival townhouse in Brooklyn Heights dating back to the 1838. 

The house's owner was a well to do Broadway art director Oliver Smith, who graciously let Capote stay a while and write not only Breakfast at Tiffany's, but its polar opposite, In Cold Blood, about 2 serial killers on the run.    In between, Capote wrote a slender non-fiction work called A House in the Heights.  Much beloved by Brooklynites (we're a proud people), the essay starts simply: "I live in Brooklyn. By choice." 

Want to find out why he made such a choice- not the style of the day back in the 1950s? Come out to our Brooklyn Heights/Brooklyn Bridge tour and you'll see why. Oh, by the way, the house is up for sale and can be yours for a cool $13 million.