NYC at its best- the New York Marathon, Sunday Nov 6

Starting point crossing the Verazzano Bridge
A marathon is a marathon, no matter where you run it, it's always 26 miles, right?  WRONG!   In the New York City Marathon you run the same distance but nowhere in the world will you find the outpouring of support for total strangers than you will in NYC. The route goes through all 5 boroughs (route map here) and all along the streets we locals come out to cheer, give high fives and applaud the runners. There are even bands -- over 130 of them this year -- spread out along the route to keep everyone motivated and entertained.

Runners whooshing by clapping spectators
So get out there Sunday and line the streets-- and if you want to do it New York style, look for runners with their name written on their shirt, and then give them a big "You can do it [insert their name here]!!!" or a "Looking good [insert their name here]!!!" and be sure to offer your hand to a runner for a high five.

You'll never see such a wonderful smile as that on the face of a person who has come all the way to this amazing city just to run-- and what makes New York City so amazing? We do!  Run, baby, run!