Seeing New York City in a whole new way

Australian illustrator and creative nomad James Gulliver Hancock is drawing all the buildings in New York. He started the blog when he first moved to Brooklyn, as a way of getting to know his surroundings and recording his relationship with his new home. See more of these playful images at All the Buildings in New York, Illustrated.

Hancock's work is reminiscent of illustrator and sculptor 
Red Grooms, perhaps best known for his 1976 exhibition "Ruckus Manhattan" (which this blogger is just old enough to remember being dragged to by her parents, laying the foundation for my fascination with my city).  "Ruckus Manhattan" included a walk-through installation of life-size sculptures of passengers on a subway car waiting. With real sounds recorded from the subway piped into the installation, Grooms recreated the subway experience, as it was back in '76. Check out the NY Times article Ruckus Manhattan:                                      
 "The Big Apple may be the most exciting city in the world; it can also inspire disgust, discomfort and fear....To experience Red Grooms's 'Ruckus Manhattan' is to see New York anew".